Kasturi Rangan Report Pdf Western G Hats And Eastern G Hats

kasturi rangan report pdf western g hats and eastern g hats

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After an analysis of a particularly nasty dam, I felt like going back to flowing rivers.

As you all know, the need of the hour is sustainable development. Share 1. PDF This critical review and comparison of the Gadgil and Kasturirangan panel reports on the Western Ghats highlights various concerns related to Find. This post is longer than most of our previous articles but read till the end to get your basics right. Also, there are comments on a lighter note.


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The kasturirangan report is a disaster for the western ghats. Gadgil report and kasturirangan report on western ghats. Kasturirangan committee report on western ghats pdf download. In august , then environment minister constituted a highlevel working group on western ghats under kasturirangan to examine the gadgil committee report in a holistic and multidisciplinary fashion in the light of responses received from states, central ministries and others. Information about the western ghats and sri lanka biodiversity hotspot was developed using the ecosystem profile pdf 1. The western ghats, a unesco world heritage site, is a biodiversity hotspot that is home to more than 4, flowering plants, about bird species, and over species of mammals and amphibians. Reports on western ghats this kasturirangan committee was set up to study the gadgil committee report on the western ghats.

Preservation of Eastern, Western Ghats

For Prelims: Western Ghats- Key geographical and environmental facts. For Mains: Issues related to the conservation of the region, overview of Gadil and Kasturirangan committee reports. Context : A public interest litigation petition has been filed in the Madras High Court seeking a direction to the Centre and State government to constitute a permanent body for taking serious steps to safeguard the flora, fauna and other natural resources in the Eastern and Western Ghat areas in Tamil Nadu. Why there is a need for protection? None of the six concerned states agreed with the recommendations of the Gadgil Committee, which submitted its report in August

PDF | Comparison of two report for The management of western ghat | Find, read and cite all the research western ghats and their con icts i.e. Gadgil Report and Kasturirangan Report. Comparative study of two major outbreaks reports on western Ghats 2 Eastern Limit: 72 56' 24” – 78° 19' 40” (E).


Topics Covered: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment. For Mains: Issues related to the conservation of the region, overview of Gadil and Kasturirangan committee reports. Context : 6 States have expressed desire to expedite early notification of Ecologically Sensitive Area of Western Ghats.

The gods has created this beautiful world but what man do? They all destroyed it just to get some money. It may seem like there is nothing we can do as an individual to stop the factors that are depleting our resources. The way we're living, we are already using 2 to 3 times more of the Earth's resources. The Western Ghats are a mountain range that runs almost parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula.

This post is longer than most of our previous articles but read till the end to get your basics right. Also, there are comments on a lighter note. No offence intended. Please note that this is not a research paper.

Kasturirangan Panel Report on Western Ghats , Discuss

kasturirangan report-western ghat conservation bill

The commission submitted the report to the Government of India on 31 August The Expert Panel approached the project through a set of tasks such as:. Certain sections of people in Kerala, strongly protested the implementation of the report since most of the farmers obtained their livelihood from the hilly regions in Wayanad. The Gagdil Commission report was criticised for being excessively environment-friendly and not in tune with the ground realities. A crucial report on Western Ghats prepared by K. The member panel, constituted to examine the Western Ghats ecology expert panel report prepared under the leadership of environmentalist Madhav Gadgil, has also moved away from the suggestions of the Gadgil panel. The Gadgil panel had recommended a blanket approach consisting of guidelines for sector-wise activities, which could be permitted in the ecologically sensitive zones.

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Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel

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Preservation of Eastern Western Ghats


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WGEEP also included Biligirirangan (Eastern Ghats) as a part of Western Ghats because of topographic and forest contiguity and this also makes it difficult to make.

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