Ias Ips Interview Questions And Answers In Hindi Pdf

ias ips interview questions and answers in hindi pdf

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Civil Services Interview 2017-2021 All Questions PDF Download

Give a brief description of yourself? To answer this question you have to tell about yourself like your name, your qualification and about your last job profile, etc. Tell me about your hobbies? Where do you want to see yourself in the next Five Years from Now? Remember you are there to get attached to that organization; your plans must be formatted as you are going to get attached for a long time with the firm you are giving the interview of.

It can help to get best services and also can be a deterrent in the final selection. IAS Interview is the last and final stage of the coveted civil services examination. After this stage, aspirants are selected for different positions in civil services cadres including the top prize of IAS. As of now, the IAS interview panel consists of eminent personalities from different fields and is headed by a chairman. Unlike the IAS mains and prelims examination, the interview stage has no fixed format or pattern and the panel is free to ask candidates questions from technical, academic as well as non-academic fields.

Click Here. Father of civil Aviation in India. Ans : J. Ans : Rava. What are Coast Guards. Ans : an emergency service that rescues people in difficulties at sea and acts against smuggling.

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Practicing IAS Question Papers with answer keys and solutions will help you improve your score in the exam. This post provide you last 7 years exams papers Answer Key free pdf format. In this post I have provide you separate answer key all papers. IAS Mains General Studies Sample Answers Here in this section aspirants can understand the answer writing concepts and approach to answer a question in appropriate manner. These are our prominent contributor's model answers of some past years question, asked from General Studies papers for CSE Main examination conducted by the Union Public. GK Objective Question Answer in Hindi, gk objective questions with answers in hindi pdf, gk in hindi , general knowledge questions and answers.

(GK) General Knowledge Question And Answers (5)

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