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Some of the USPS exams' sections consist of unconventional and even tricky question types, designed to assess if you have the right skills and characteristics to work for the Postal Office. Many users who took the Postal Exam which is obsolete before wonder if their scores are still valid. Unfortunately, these scores are not valid anymore. So you'll need to take one or more of the new USPS exams, depending on the positions you've applied for.

Nevertheless, most candidates complete the assessments in 45 minutes. During the exam, try not to overthink questions and strive to work quickly and efficiently. The USPS uses a sophisticated testing system that may flag candidates who choose inconsistent answers. In the short video below, I'll provide you with more insights and important info about the four new Postal exams:.

Once you complete the USPS online assessment, you immediately get a score. In the next section, I'll explain what this score means:. The passing score for any of the four Postal Exams is 70, and any score above that is considered good. If you see an ineligible status instead of a score, this means you haven't managed to reach the minimum score of In this case, you'll unfortunately only get a second chance to retake the exam after one year.

Thus, candidates with higher scores tend to get invitations for interviews faster than those who scored lower. You'll have to wait two whole years before you get another shot! So, scoring as high as possible and not just passing the test should be your first priority. Now, let's get to know each of the new assessments closely and learn what kind of questions are on each of these Postal exams:. The Postal Exam , also called the Virtual Entry Assessment — MC , is used for evaluating candidates applying for both city and rural mail carrier positions.

This test is one of the four new USPS exams that replaced the retired postal exam in You are making a delivery when a customer asks you about zip codes. He explains that he wants to send a parcel to his friend, but only has his street address and is missing the zip code.

He is not sure how to locate this information. Please select the action you would be most likely to take and the action you would be least likely to take, in response to the described situation. Tell him he can find the information online. Explain where he may find this information and enquire the next day if he found it.

Offer to search the zip code together on the USPS website. Explain where he can locate this information and ask if there is anything else you can help with. Response 1 : This response fails to demonstrate service orientation. You make no effort to assist the customer or answer his query.

Response 2 : This response demonstrates service orientation as you explain where the customer can find the information. You also enquire the next day to ensure that the customer succeeded in retrieving the information he needed based on the information you had provided. Response 3 : You demonstrate great service orientation skills as you offer to help find the zip code, and by doing so together, you can show the customer how to locate this information in the future.

However, you fail to ensure that the customers' needs were met and that he actually retrieved the information he needed based on the information you provided.

To significantly increase your chances to ace the test, it's crucial to practice the same question types as on the real test and learn the best ways to answer them. This will help you get acquainted with every question you might stumble on, eliminate the element of surprise, and boost your confidence. Out test experts have carefully created an accurate prep that covers these sections thoroughly. It consists of full-length USPS practice tests, extra drills, study guides, pro tips, and hacks all updated for The test is one of the four new assessments the USPS uses since April , following the retirement of the old exam.

Give it a try:. For each item, decide if it's Match or Error based on the location information. Try comparing the first two to four digits first, then the next two to four digits, and so on. For example, if the sequence is , only look at first and compare it to the first four digits of the other sequence.

If you find a digit that is not identical between them, mark Error, and move on to the next pair. If the first four digits are identical, move on and compare the next four in the sequence. As you've already seen, the Postal Exam consists of unconventional question types you likely haven't encountered in high school or even in college. If you prepare using the same question types as on the actual test, learn what they evaluate, what to avoid and how to answer them, you'll be well on your way to ace the exam.

The test itself includes 4 "mini" exams, each assesses a different set of skills and characteristics. Our experts went to great lengths to create an accurate preparation that covers each of these sections and it's updated for The prep comprised of effective practice materials: full-length practice tests, USPS study guides, extra practice drills, and exclusive tips and hacks.

This online exam is similar to the assessment and essentially includes the same test sections:. One of your colleagues is slacking, skipping important steps in the outlined procedures of his job. For a while now you find yourself correcting his mistakes. Caution and tell him you will speak with the postmaster if he doesn't change his ways.

Talk to your colleague and explain how the situation is affecting you. Competencies : Teamwork; proactivity; communication skills; and problem-solving. Instead, you immediately turn to your supervisor. Response B : This response may seem proactive as you address the problem directly with your colleague. However, it is aggressive and lacks teamwork skills, as you caution your colleague - threatening to go to your postmaster, rather than discussing the issue in a friendly manner.

This response is likely to offend your work colleague, and could escalate the situation, thus being the worst response to the situation. Moreover, this response is irresponsible since your colleague fails to follow work procedures, and in doing so, is harming your own work productivity. Response D : This is a good response to the situation. It is important to be able to communicate with your colleagues about work conflicts. This is a proactive response that tries a cooperative approach to solving problems.

The Postal Exam is not your standard high school exam. Apart from one section, it includes behavioral test sections that are used to evaluate different sides of your personality, to ensure you're a good fit for the position and the organization. The best way to prepare for these sections is by learning what exactly they are measuring, what to avoid when choosing an answer, and what are the best practices for answering them.

Thus, after thorough research and validation, our experts have created a tailored prep for each of the Exam sections. These accurate practice test, study guides, drills and hacks will ensure no question will catch you off guard and will increase your score significantly. The purpose of the Postal Exam is to learn more about you, how you interact with other people especially customers , your working-style, and your previous work experience.

Here's an overview of the test's sections:. This is a sample question for the Work Your Register part, in which you are required to demonstrate your ability to work with money and give exact and efficient change.

Despite its name, this is not a technical exam, so you do not have to actually operate a register. The best way to prepare for the Postal Exam is by learning how to answer the exact same question types that appear on the real test. As the postal exams include unusual questions that evaluate different skills and parts of your personality, it's crucial to know what is the best way to answer them.

Our test experts have created a tailored practice pack that covers each of the 4 sections of the Exam. To get instant access to the full preparation Exam pack updated for , tap the button below:. Browse Topics. What Is the Postal Exam? How Long Is the Postal Exam?

Check the full solution and explanation here. See What You'll Get. Carl R. My other feedback would be to take the practice tests as often as you can before you apply for the position because once you apply, you have to take the Exam within 3 days. I had no prior experience with postal service exams and thought it would be good to practice. The practice questions themselves were eye-opening in terms of what to expect from the real exam. The Personality Practice and the Work Scenario tests were challenging and really helped me think about my answers in terms of what the employer was looking for.

I received several conditional offers and was eventually hired. Tips for answering Check for Errors questions. Mariam N. The best part is the detailed explanation after each test and after every question that helps you understand what is required to succeed. Talk to your postmaster about the situation. His behavior is his concern, not yours.

What would you be most and least likely to do? Check out the full explanation here. Moreover, this response is irresponsible since your colleague fails to follow work procedures, and in doing so, is harming your own work productivity Response D : This is a good response to the situation.

Gloria F. It did show me that there were some areas I needed to work on. Andy J. It does give me enough time to practice and some ideas.

Free Postal Exam Practice Tests [2021 Update]

Tech UFO. Maharashtra Postal Circle Syllabus , maharashtrapost. India Post Job Aspirants!! Moreover, Maharashtra Postal MTS Postman Exam Pattern will help to get an idea of the topics to cover, marks weight-age, time duration, total questions, and so on. Only those who qualify in Paper-I Maxi. The only difference is the Level of Examination. Our team will reply to all the queries.

We hope you will appreciate our efforts. Sita cycled 8 km southward from her home turned right and cycled 5 km, turned right and cycled 8 km, turned left and cycled 10 km. How many kms will she have cycle to reach straight home? Two natural numbers are in the ratio and their product is The smaller of the number is…….. In the following questions, out of four alternatives, choose the one which expresses the correct meaning of the given words. The ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangular park is 3 : 2.

To get a job with the post office, you will have to pass an exam like the Postal or e Exam. Candidates for postal carriers, mail processing clerks and postal clerks will need to score well on the Postal exam to find a local post office job. Preparation for the Postal Exam consists of understanding what is on the exam, how it is scored, and practicing with free postal exam questions. Our free postal exam practice tests use actual questions and answers to help you prepare - all updated for ! Postal exam has been discontinued. For information on current postal exams, click here.

Postal exam practice tests and resources - updated for Get a job at the post office by seeing actual USPS exam questions and answers.

Maharashtra Postal Circle Previous Question Papers | Postman, MTS, Mail Guard Old Papers

We will share the link to download the Maharashtra Postman Exam Key in the below section of this article as per the official notice. Download the Answer Key from the below given link. After that, the applicants can download the answer key from the link which will be available at the end of this page. Based on this score they will be having the chance to improve themselves to show their best in the next rounds. The objection will be received by the examiner from the link which is available on the official site.

However, we advise checking the official notifications and syllabus details in the links provided below. You can also download post office exam question paper in Kannada, Hindi and English. Follow our website Recruitment Hunt and get all the updated information about government jobs in India.

In order to get a local post office job , you will need to pass a postal exam. One of the best ways to pass the exams is by taking postal exam practice tests. Studying with actual postal exam questions and answers will let you know how well you are prepared for the actual postal test. Check out our list of free postal exam practice tests along with our other recommended resources.

Then you need to have proper preparation to give the written exam confidently. Download maharashtrapost. In order to improve subject skills and time management, you need to solve as many as possible Maha Post Office Previous Papers and Sample Papers. Go through this full article to get more information regarding the written exam.

India Post Office Previous Year Question Paper – Download PDF GDS 2020 Exam

Some of the USPS exams' sections consist of unconventional and even tricky question types, designed to assess if you have the right skills and characteristics to work for the Postal Office.

The department is filling vacancies. The candidate who has filled the Maharashtra Mail Guard Exam Form is now looking for solved question papers, sample papers, and model paper for better preparation of the Exam. Practice questions to know your capability.

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Review Chapter Four in "Post Office Jobs" to improve your test scores and to become more familiar with the test taking process and strategies, application forms, answer sheets, and sample questions.

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