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optical current transformer and its applications pdf

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Show all documents Top PDF Study of different magneto-optic materials for current sensing applications. Study of different magneto-optic materials for current sensing applications TGG and doped TGG are studied extensively for two wave- lengths and nm.

A variety of types of electrical transformer are made for different purposes.

As the power industry continues to develop toward high voltage and large capacity, the traditional electromagnetic current transformer based on electromagnetic induction principle exposes more and more problems. For example, its own measurement mechanism determines the transformer in high voltage and super There is difficulty in insulation under high pressure, easy to explode, limited measurement range and accuracy, and easy to saturate under system failure conditions. The rapid development of optoelectronics and fiber optic communication in recent years has promoted the research and application of the new Fiber Optic Current Transducer FOCT. The FOCT is based on the Faraday magneto-optical effect, and the magnitude of the current is determined by measuring the angle at which the polarization plane rotates due to the action of the magnetic field generated by the current when passing through the magneto-optical material.

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Novel Fiber Optic Current Transformer With New Phase Modulation Method

Based on the transverse electro-optic effect of lithium niobate crystal, combined with polarizers and Faraday rotator, this paper presents a collinear closed-loop fiber optic current transformer with spatial non-reciprocity modulation method, and the feasibility of the scheme is verified by both the theoretical and experimental evidences. The detection scheme avoids the limitation of the transition time of the sensing fiber coil on the phase modulation frequency, improves the sensitivity and stability of the system, and reduces the volume and cost of fiber optic current transformer. The sawtooth wave modulation scheme is adopted to realize phase bias modulation and feedback modulation through phase shift of sawtooth wave to achieve closed-loop detection effect, which enhances the signal to noise ratio and simplifies demodulation mode. Download to read the full article text. Bohnert, P. Gabus, J.

Electromagnetism wikipedia , lookup. Magnetometer wikipedia , lookup. Electromagnetic field wikipedia , lookup. Electromotive force wikipedia , lookup. Magnetoreception wikipedia , lookup. Giant magnetoresistance wikipedia , lookup. Metamaterial cloaking wikipedia , lookup.

An accurate electric current transducer is a key component of any power system instrumentation. Optical current transformer OCT is defined as sensors that directly or indirectly use optical sensing methods to measure electric currents. Faraday effects comprises of two principles. It is the phenomenon of splitting up of a light ray into o-ray and e-ray when passed through an anisotropic material. The Faraday effect outlined in equation is a better format to apply to an MOCT, because the rotation angle in this case is directly related to the enclosed electric current.

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Faraday effects comprises of two principles :.

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In electrical high power converters and other high-power applications, IGBTs. (​Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) current transformers and optical current transformers. Considering that the dexes/units/t_units_apdf. [Lee03] Lee.

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