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stokes theorem problems and solutions pdf

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From Lecture 31 of

Furthermore, the theorem has applications in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism. Conversely, we can calculate the line integral of vector field F along the boundary of surface S by translating to a double integral of the curl of F over S.

Stokes' theorem relates a surface integral of a the curl of the vector field to a line integral of the vector field around the boundary of the surface. After reviewing the basic idea of Stokes' theorem and how to make sure you have the orientations of the surface and its boundary matched , try your hand at these examples to see Stokes' theorem in action. Is the surface oriented properly? The normal vector points in the positive x-direction. But we need it to point it negative x-direction.

Divergence and Stokes’ Theorems and conservation laws

From Lecture 30 of The following images show the chalkboard contents from these video excerpts. Click each image to enlarge. Del Notation PDF. Solutions PDF. Session Curl in 3D.

From Lecture 31 of The following images show the chalkboard contents from these video excerpts. Click each image to enlarge. Stokes' Theorem PDF. Solutions PDF. Session Stokes' Theorem. Course Home Syllabus 1.

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16.7: Stokes’ Theorem

Furthermore, the theorem has applications in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism. First, we look at an informal proof of the theorem. This proof is not rigorous, but it is meant to give a general feeling for why the theorem is true. In the limit, as the areas of the approximating squares go to zero, this approximation gets arbitrarily close to the flux. Therefore, four of the terms disappear from this double integral, and we are left with. Therefore, the theorem allows us to compute surface integrals or line integrals that would ordinarily be quite difficult by translating the line integral into a surface integral or vice versa.

Divergence and Stokes’ Theorems and conservation laws

We assume there is an orientation on both the surface and the curve that are related by the right hand rule. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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Figure 1: Positively oriented curve around a cylinder. Answer: This is very similar to an earlier example; we can use Stokes' theorem to calculate this integral even​.


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