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Your business needs to have a clear idea on how it can advertise its products and services.

A variety of sales promotion tools are available, such as price reductions, product giveaways and special trial periods. Sanitation marketing often combines two approaches to promotion: branded advertising and promotion and behavior change communication. Sales promotion is one of the best tools to attract new customers and retain old ones, including marketing activities by adding more value to the products for a limited period of time in order to stimulate consumer purchases and effectiveness of intermediaries.

Integrated Marketing Communication Tools

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Implications and Recommendation……………………………………………. This case study is evaluating the direct marketing campaign in Dialog Axiata PLC, and identifying what the direct marketing techniques were utilized in the organization and how effective they were and how were these techniques made impact in the organizational growth.

Background of the Industry and OrganizationIn telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka experienced initial changes with restructuring and partial privatization of the state-owned operator as it is de-linking from the government owned post and telecommunication services.

Allowing the market entry in the mobile telephony market made competition in the fixed wireless local loop WLL segment of the fixed market. The establishment of a five-member regulatory commission was a great change in telecommunication sector of Sri Lanka as its more workable independence than the typical government department in Sri Lanka.

It initiated and reflected a commitment on the part of the policy makers to pro-competitive reforms with telecommunication sector of Sri Lanka being seen as more open among developing country in the Asia pacific region for a huge potential for growth Jayasuriya and Knight-John, in Knight-John, Following that, entry of several investors start enter into the country"s telecommunication industry mainly Cell tell, Mobitel, Dialog, and few other companies.

At present Dialog Axiata has captured higher market share in the industry with over 8. The company is providing mobile solutions, fixed broadband services and direct-to-home DTH Digital satellite TV series supplies a broad collection of international and local content in both with standard definition SD and high definition HD. Significance of the researchThe aims of the research are to identify the direct marketing techniques and evaluate how these techniques have been successful in the journey of Dialog Axiata PLC.

Since the company channelled through the business partners operations at the early stage and implemented the direct marketing strategy when the organization realized the requirement of the direct marketing techniques to achieve the objective of the company and fulfil the necessity by implementing direct marketing strategy over the run.

Direct marketing is a channel-agnostic method of advertising that allows businesses to communicate straight to the customers, with advertising techniques such as phone Calls, messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, outdoor advertising and promotion, promotional letters, door to door concept and many other techniques.

The objective of the research will identify the effectiveness of the process how it was successfully carried out in the organization and evaluate positive and negative factors which were experienced by the company. Further, it will analyse the literature, identify the issues when it is practically implemented by the organization and how it was resolved to compete the challenges as a company to become a number one in the telecom industry in Sri Lanka.

The objective of the research i Identify the direct marketing techniques used in the organization. Research questionsThis research mainly focuses the below mentioned Research questions, i What are the DM techniques used in the organization. In current business environment it has been identified as most significant tools which make benefits to the organization by making customer relation marketing to promote their product and service to their customer without a middleman.

In this study, the direct marketing approach has been evaluated that how it has been contributed for the growth of the Dialog Axiata PLC by making continuous profits to the organization since the organization starts to use those techniques in their business approach.

Further, this study identifies what are the tools used in the organization as direct marketing techniques, and out of those which tools were more effective to make significant contribution to increase the customer base to make profits of the organization and how far it has contributed to make satisfied customers for the organization to obtain their loyalty towards the organization which will benefit for the growth of the organization.

Need for the studyIn the current business era, "Direct marketing has become as a fundamental marketing tool in a growing variety of businesses", Scovotti and Spiller, , p.

Compare to the other marketing activities, the direct marketing activities grew faster and it has been identified as logic. Deighton and Glazer concluded "the logic of direct marketing has become the logic of all marketing".

The direct marketing is being identified by many authors as a best marketing tool in the business environment for the growth of an organization and DM has become an integral element in the marketing managers" arsenal worldwide, Scovotti and Spiller, , p.

Though many authors wrote many journals about the direct marketing, there is no wide range of study about the evaluation of the direct marketing concept to identify the effectiveness by implementing the direct marketing techniques. This study is evaluating the direct marketing campaigns in Dialog Axiata PLC and how effectively it has been carried out and what are the direct marketing techniques were exploited and how effective was it.

Report structureThis report is concluded with five chapters and the first chapter is Introduction and describes the study, industrial and the organization background and the purpose of this study.

The second chapter comes as the literature review where it reviews the theoretical framework relevant to the case study and the theory how it relates with the business and critically reviewed. The methodology of the research is presented in the chapter three and this provides description of the data collection method and answers to the research questions.

The chapter four is analyzing the findings from the research questionnaire. The data collected from the research will be presented and discussed in this chapter. The final chapter chapter 5 will be the conclusion and discusses the implications of the research and identified the areas which could focus for the future studies in this particular topic.

Chapter Two In order to increase the sales, companies are using many techniques and tools. In this literature review chapter, it has been reviewed; the main elements which make positive impact in the sales as direct marketing tools to make growth of the organization.

As the direct marketing tools what are the techniques have been utilized in the organization such as, face to face selling direct selling , Internet marketing, outdoor promotional activities Events and Shows and phone calls and SMS selling are to be reviewed. Furthermore, it is reviewed how these techniques are related to the customer satisfaction which lead to the growth of the organization. Definition of direct marketingIn the competitive business market, the main objective of all the organizations is selling their products and services to the customers.

In order to achieve their objective, firms are using different marketing strategies to promote their products and services. In that way direct marketing is a strategic method of promoting that allows the businesses to communicate its products and services directly to the customers without a middleman.

Though there is a big argument among the scholars in defining the direct marketing. Karson andKorgaohkar, in Scovotti andSpiller, , p. It seems to be some difficult to define the direct marketing. Direct marketing has been defined by many authors" different aspects. Kolter and Armstrong, defined direct marketing is a method used by companies to make value for customers and creates firm-customer relationships to obtain return in the form of sales, profits, and long-term customer equity from the customer.

World federation of direct selling association WFDSA defined direct marketing as the method of selling the products and services through a face to face way to the customers on a non-fixed retailing place Yen et al, , p. In order to validate this definition Peterson and Wotruba briefly defined direct selling is the face to face selling without a fixed retailer point Yen et al, , p.

Though there are disputes in defining the direct marketing or the direct selling, in commonly the entire scholars and authors agreed direct marketing is a strategic approach of an organization to market and sell their products and services directly to their potential customers without an involvement of a middleman with cost effectively to make profitable for the organization.

The definition problem is so serious, due to that, the identity and effectiveness of direct marketing is losing as a marketing method Rapp, in Scovotti andSpiller, , p.

The importance of direct marketingComparing the traditional marketing and the direct marketing, there are some advantages and disadvantages between them and they have been identified by the scholars in their studies.

Merlin identified direct marketing as an instant or immediate selling and revenue for the organization with less expensive and traditional marketing is considered the products and services are for future transaction, it creates desire of the product and awareness of the product and compare to the direct marketing it is more expensive and it is creating the teaching for future buying activities Merlin, , p.

Direct Marketing is identified and agreed by many authors as important tools to increase sales performance, market share and profitability of an organization. Merlin described direct selling as promotion and transaction of consumer product straight to the customer and it is not depended on fixed retailer outlet, direct mail or product advertising.

Direct selling is a worldwide concept in the century of 21 st , not only convenience for consumer but also for the organization to improve their financial standard on long run by reducing the cost for middleman and advertising Merlin, Currently, direct marketing became a powerful tool in marketing communication in several ways and it has been identified to have more benefits such as efficiency and cost effective way of communication.

It has opened up opportunity for companies to directly deal with thousands or millions of individual customers in a way that was previously unimaginable Palmer and Lewis, In the direct marketing methods, each approach presenting opportunities as well as challenges. As opportunities it's a greater choice of low-cost means of communicating and the challenges for the firm is to evaluate the effectiveness of this new channels.

Kolter et al, concluded many of the automobile majors in India uses direct marketing approach such as contact programs, direct mail, events and SMS campaign for their potential customers. In the competitive business arena, the organizations identified direct marketing techniques as the most important tools to promote their products and services in the rural areas where the traditional marketing cannot fulfil these requirements. Further, it is identified as a cost effective approach.

Kotler et al added in the rural area, the direct marketers have taken different strategy as the direct marketing tools where they promote through mobile traders.

In the traditional marketing and direct marketing, where the direct marketing has been identified as a customer oriented type. Tapp, added direct marketing uses customer details to perform three main activities such as analyse customers" data, formulate a marketing strategy and implement it to obtain direct responses from customers.

In current trend direct marketing related with relationship marketing by many journalists in their work and relationship marketing is emerging as a new phenomenon.

The involvement of the middlemen gradually decreased between producer and consumer due to the technological advances and direct marketing playing a major role in the industrial era Sheth and Parvatiyar, The basic purpose of any method of direct marketing techniques is to obtain a quantifiable response which will create an instant or subsequent profit Stone and Jacobs, Direct Marketing techniquesThe objective of direct marketing is to promote the products and services of an organization.

Further, direct marketing is a techniques or tools where an organization encouraged involving in the competitive market in order to promote their products and services to the prospective customers. Though the techniques which were employed by the organization differ depend on scenario. Merlin added in his study customers still profits from a personal and useful path of purchasing products.

Convenience of customers is a value points needs to be considered in deciding the techniques what would be useful for an organization. Face to face selling, internet marketing, phone calls, SMS and ads on mobile devices, catalogues and postal mailing, online advertising, telemarketing, text messaging, email marketing, shows and seminars, kiosk marketing, mobile traders and many more other techniques.

Though in this case study the researcher has identified few techniques or tools such as personal selling or face to face selling, outdoor promotions, phone calls and SMS telemarketing and internet marketing which were employed in this organization to be reviewed in the literature for those particular techniques in the direct marketing.

Face to Face selling personal selling Nowadays, most of the organizations engaged with promoting their product and services through sales force due to the high competition in the business arena. Face to face selling is an approach of direct marketing where the organization employed to increase the sales volume in order to increase the market share and increase profitability of the organization.

Personal selling is a verbal demonstration in a conversation with buyers with the purpose of selling the product Achumba, in Olumoko et al, Customers always prefer their convenience with busy schedule, even when they need to purchase a product or service the initiating point will not be triggered.

When they get the opportunity they will initiate the purchase of the product or service. Olumoko et al identified personal selling or face to face selling is an exclusive component of marketing communication, while advertising; personal selling creates awareness, provides information of the products and services and personal selling approach deliberated to meet specific need of prospect.

Kotler and Armstrong defined personal selling that the communication between the customer and sales person in order for making sales of the products and services. As the advantage of personal selling Kotler et al identified three qualities such as personal interaction, cultivation and response which will benefit to the organization. Most of the organizations engaged in promoting their products and services through face to face selling or personal selling by utilizing the sales forces of the organization.

The organizations identify their target audience and conducting several types of activities such as business to business B2B , door to door D2D , corporate and individual clients to visit them and promoting their products and services as well as making highly effective awareness compare to the other norms of advertisement.

A conceptual framework for the direct marketing process using business intelligence

Not to be dramatic, but digital marketers today live and die by the tools of the trade. Modern marketers are expected to be a million places at once. After all, no two marketing teams are created equal. As social media has evolved, so too have consumer expectations regarding transparency, authenticity and brand connection. To not just meet but exceed those expectations, you need a social media management solution that empowers you to do so. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself! Wyng formerly Offerpop is an engagement marketing platform with a focus on garnering engagement via user-generated content , hashtag campaigns, referral programs, quizzes, contests and more.

Among the communication tools used are found also the direct marketing techniques that have had a tremendous development during the last.


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41 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow

Marketing experts study data collection and analysis, consumer behavior, supply and demand and other technical aspects of marketing theory and implementation. Small business owners without this training can still benefit from the best practices of this discipline by using basic tools and techniques to help plan marketing activities before they execute them.


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Integrated Marketing Communication tools refer to integrating various marketing tools such as advertising, online marketing, public relation activities, direct marketing, sales campaigns to promote brands so that similar message reaches a wider audience.

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Marketing is opened from the perspective of direct marketing and the tools of marketing mix and outcomes out of direct marketing methods and how that engages the customer attention. content/uploads/mavimaaratutkraportti.​pdf.

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