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In Maternity Home and other like Institution: Medical officer In-charge is responsible to inform the occurrence to concerned Registrar and will obtain birth certificate from the registrar and hand it over the person. The medical officer In-charge can take a self addressed stamped envelop from the beneficiaries at the time of discharge of patient. Accordingly every Death is to be reported and registered within 21 days at the place of its occurrence in the prescribed reporting forms.

Births and Deaths Registration Act

The Union Cabinet today approved the introduction of a Bill in the Budget Session of Parliament to amend the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, to include registration of marriages as well, so that the existing administrative mechanisms will be able to carry out such registration of marriages in accordance with the specified procedures and be able to maintain necessary records and statistics for registration of marriages also. The Cabinet also approved introducing a Bill in Parliament to further amend the Anand Marriage Act, to provide for registration of marriages under the Act. The proposed Bills will be beneficial for the women from unnecessary harassment in matrimonial and maintenance cases. It will also provide evidentiary value in the matters of custody of children, right of children born from the wedlock of the two persons whose marriage is registered and the age of the parties to the marriage. C has directed the State Governments and the Central Government that marriages of all persons who are citizens of India belonging to various religious denominations should be made compulsorily registerable in their respective States where such marriages are solemnized and inter alia directing that as and when the Central Government enacts a comprehensive statute, the same shall be placed before that Court for scrutiny.

Punjab Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 1972

Registration of Births and Deaths Act, Act to provide for the regulation of registration f births and deaths and for matters connected therewith. Follow SCJudgments. Login : Advocate Client. Registration of Births and Deaths Act, No. Short title, extent and commencement. Definitions and interpretation.

Civil Registration System

This Department deals with the Registration of Births and Deaths and also issuing of birth and death certificates to the citizens of the city and others. Registration of births, deaths and still births is compulsory under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, and rules framed thereunder. Any Birth or Death of which information is given to the Registrar after the expiry of the period specified therefor, but within thirty days of its occurrence, shall be registered on payment of such late fee as may be prescribed. Any Birth or Death of which delayed information is given to the Registrar after thirty days but within one year of its occurrence shall be registered only with the written permission of the prescribed authority and on payment of the prescribed fee and the production of an affidavit made before a notary public or any other officer authorised in this behalf by the State Government.

Published vide Notification No. Provided that a death caused by any notifiable epidemic disease shall be reported within 24 hours of its occurrence.

Births and Deaths Registration Act

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In India the system of Civil Registration has been in operation for over a century. Civil Registration System popularly known as birth and death registration system is the recording of vital events i. The registration records are useful primarily as legal documents and secondarily as a source of statistics. For individuals, it is legal proof of age, identity, nationality, heritance and civil status. Act Features are. Registration of births and deaths is done under the Registration of Birth and Death Act,

Government of Karnataka

Information concerning birth to be given to registrar within forty-two days. In the case of every child born alive it shall be the duty of the father and mother of the child, and in default of the father and mother, of the occupier of the house in which to his knowledge the child is born, and of each person present at the birth, and of the person having charge of the child, to give to the registrar, within forty-two days next after such birth, information of the particulars required to be registered concerning such birth, and in the presence of the registrar to sign the register. Requisition by registrar of information concerning birth from qualified informant after forty-two days. Where a birth has, from the default of the parents or other persons required to give information concerning it, not been duly registered, the registrar may, at any time after the end of forty-two days from such birth, by notice in writing, require any of the persons required by this Act to give information concerning such birth to attend personally at the registrar's office, or at any other place appointed by the registrar within his sub-district, within such time not less than seven days after the receipt of such notice, and not more than three months from the date of the birth as may be specified in such notice, and to give information, to the best of such person's knowledge and belief, of the particulars required to be registered concerning such birth, and to sign the register in the presence of the registrar; and it shall be the duty of such person, unless the birth is registered before the expiration of the time specified in such requisition, to comply with such requisition. Information respecting finding new born child to be given to registrar. In case any living new-born child is found exposed, it shall be the duty of any person finding such child, and of any person in whose charge such child may be placed, to give, to the best of his knowledge and belief, to the registrar, within seven days after the finding of such child, such information of the particulars required to be registered concerning the birth of such child as the informant possesses, and in the presence of the registrar to sign the register.

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Births and Deaths Registration Act

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The Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969

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Assam Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 1.

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In the health department the birth and death certificates are issued after registering the birth and death incidents of the city.

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charge to be laid against such person as contemplated in section 31(1)(b) of the Act. REGISTRATION OF BIRTHS. Notice of birth for children.