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Nemesis NPCs — Kaerwyn Krune is a neutral evil male drow with hunter levels utilizing the verminous hunter archetype. His vermin companion is a giant spider, and he specializes in summoning spiders, utilizing poison, and taking advantage of teamwork feats paired with his companion. This allows you to easily introduce an enemy into your campaign and reintroduce the same enemy at any time with no prior preparation.

Pathfinder player companion: advanced class origins by dennis baker: pzo pathfinder player companion: familiar folio by will mccardell: pzo pathfinder player companion: heroes of the wild by paizo staff: pzo pathfinder player companion: cohorts and companions by brian duckwitz: pzo The spilling of blood can unleash significant magic power, and many cultures have developed ways of accessing that power. Some can use magic powered by inflicting significant wounds to curse their enemies.

Cohorts & Companions (Pathfinder Player Companion)

PZO Blood of Angels. My mother asked her for a lock of hair once, to help my sisterget over the croup, but she wouldn't give it. You' d think someone with aface like an angel's wouldn't mind losing a few strands of hair.

And theway all the boys follow her around-no good can com e of it, 1 tell you. No good at all. They bear the blood of the celestials intheir veins, biological pro of of their forbears' worth andrighteousness, and the glow of that association is toobright to be contained despite generations of dilution, of ten expressing itself in undeniable ways. Most peoplesee aasimars as wise, pure, talented, and be au tifulmuchmore so than the average person.

At the same time, aasimars carry the unique burden of the privileged. With aasimars' unasked-for gifts com esthe natural jealousy of the ordinary people surroundingthem; even their closest friends might harbor secret envy.

Some aasimars take their gifts for granted, perhaps evenseeing themselves as inherently better than their mundaneassociates, while others must constantly prove themselvesworthy of the admiration and responsibilities they'resaddled with. Aasimars may question why they were giventheir gifts, as well as what responsibility they have to thosewho may not be so blessed.

Regardless of an aasimar'sworld view, her life is never as easy as others might think. Origins and BirthDespite the com mon misconception, not all aasimars aredescended from angels-any good-aligned outsider maypass along its essence, with different aasimars tracingtheir heritage to everything from true celestials like azatasto native outsiders like garudas. Similarly, the direct result of a union between a good outsider and a humanoid isnot an aasimar, but rather a more exotic creature calleda half-celestial-aasimars are those whose bodies aresignificantly more mundane than outsider.

Celestial bloodcan pass through several generations before manifestingitself in an aasimar child, and while half-celestials of tengive birth to aasimars, it's not un com mon for the celestialblood to go dormant, skipping many generations beforesurprising parents who may have no idea that a goodoutsider touched their family tree at some point.

Whilesuch children's natural be au ty and abilities usually protectthem from prejudice within their immediate family, thesad truth of the matter is that jealousy and fear of theunknown can strain the relationships between aasimarsand their mundane parents and siblings. Stories about aasimar origins are of ten similar andromanticized: An angel falls in love with a mortal of exceptional be au ty and goodness, and while the twocannot share a life together, they share a single night.

The truth, however, is that there are numerous otherways for celestial energy to enter a mortal bloodstream. Sometimes it's a direct and intentional action on thepart of the outsider. Such a creature may lie with a mortalout of duty to a larger mission, or may even find it necessaryto trick a mortal into a liaison in order to further thegreater good.

An outsider might even com e to a mortaland impregnate her without her knowledge, perhapsdisguised as a beam of sunlight or a perfumed wind.

Though these tales sound strange-more appropriate tothe fiends who create tieflings-such actions are neverwithout some crucial and perhaps divine purpose, andtheologians have argued the ethical implications of suchtales for generations without reaching a consensus.

At other times, women who pray for a child and aredeemed worthy by whatever inscrutable criteria thegods use find themselves inexplicably pregnant. It'salso possible for men with the same prayers to findthemselves a vessel for this essence as well, transferringit to the next child they conceive. This sort of divinelyassisted conception is most of ten found and sought after by individuals in a loving relationship where standardconception is impossible, such as certain interracialrelationships, same-sex relationships, or relationshipswhere one party is sterile.

Lastly, a woman already carrying a child who visits anarea full of strong positive energy, such as consecratedground or the realm of a god, or who is the focus of powerful divine magic, may have her unborn child infusedwith celestial energy that transforms it into an aasimar.

Aasimar parents are not guaranteed to sire or bearaasimar children. In fact, most children born of aasimarspossess no extraordinary abilities save perhaps forunusually good looks. Women who carry an aasimar childreport easy pregnancies and deliveries.

These womensometimes experience vivid, wonderful dreams full of light and music, the dreams be com ing more frequentas their delivery date draws near. Aasimar births rarelyexperience com plications, and aasimar infants are rarelysick. They cry less than other babies, and thrive even inless than ideal conditions. Most societies interpret aasimar births as good omens. Family and friends may gather to celebrate normal births,but if a child appears to have celestial heritage, of ten thewhole village turns out to com memorate the occasion.

The head of the local temple might arrive to bless thechild-a heartfelt but potentially redundant gesture. Since the death of Aroden, the number of tie fling andaasimar births has increased, and it continues to increaseevery year.

Researchers initially attributed the rise intie fling births to the growing power of House Thruneand other fiendish factions in the wake of Aroden'sdeath, but this does not explain the corresponding risein aasimar births. It appears the two must be somehowlinked, but so far the nature of such a link-and what itmight portend-remains unknown.

Aasimarscan be born of any intelligent race, though human aasimarsare the most com mon. Aasimars of other races usuallyexemplify the ideals of be au ty and skill as seen by their baserace.

For example, halfling aasimars are small, be au tifullyproportioned, and display exceptional grace. Half-oreaasimars are slightly larger and stronger than ordinaryorcs, with tough skin and metallic claws and tusks-theyare likely to be neutral rather than evil, but still displayaggression and incredible com bat prowess. Less com monhumanoids, such as lizardfolk, catfolk, tengus, and others,can also produce aasimars, though given these races' exoticappearance, members of the more com mon races may havetrouble telling such aasimars apart from their kin.

It should be noted that while any creature that breedswith a celestial may give birth to half-celestial of fspring,only humanoids can give birth to aasimars. Thus, whileit's possible to encounter a half-celestial dragon, unicorn,or griffon, any children of such creatures would be eitherhalf-celestials or normal members of their race.

Andjust as of ten, these less conventional half-celestials aresterile. When discussing half-celestials and aasimars, it'simportant to distinguish them from both true celestials angels, azatas, agathions, etc. Most aasimars also have a difficult timegetting people to grasp distinctions between celestialtypes, with com mon folk erroneously grouping all suchbeings together as "angels.

Thus a halfling aasimaris Small but otherwise possesses the same statistics andabilities as a human aasimar-the difference is purelycosmetic.

Non-human aasimars do not possess any of theracial abilities of their base race. However, they are usuallyraised in the same cultural context as other members of their base race, and thus generally adopt the sa me fightingstyle as their peers, use the same types of weapons andarmor, and study the same skills. ChildhoodAasimar children tend to have sunny dispositions and growup strong and healthy.

Even aasimars with unfortunatefamily situations, or growing up in regions plagued bypoverty and strife, tend to thrive more than might beexpected. They get along well with other children, andwhile they may be as willful and stubborn as any childfrom time to time, overall they are pleasant and kind.

Mostaasimars recall happy childhoods until around age five orsix, at which point jealousy begins to rear its ugly head. Not all families wel com e their aasimar childrenwholeheartedly, however.

If a woman conceives after atryst with a disguised celestial, she may be devastatedwhen her lover disappears, and may face stigma fromthose who see her stories of a celestial lover as a feebleattempt to gloss over mundane abandonment orimprudent behavior. As with any child, conception out of wedlock can add stress for the mother and make arocky start for the child, and indeed many legendaryaasimars endured difficult childhoods with only a singleparent to provide for them-such a beginning is a staplein bards' tales.

Some families worry about the destiniesassociated with aasimar children, and may fear the childwill bring hardships on their family. Even loving parentsworry about the difficulties their child will face forbeing different. As a result, many families cover up suchliaisons, and subsequent generations may never realizethat their family harbors a celestial secret. This stigma can be particularly dangerous in morallycorrupt nations, such as Cheliax and Nidal.

Suchgovernments may see aasimars as natural rallying pointsfor high-minded rebels, and thus seek to nip such problemsin the bud, forcing families to hide aasimar births and raisetheir of fspring in secret. An aasimar child's differencesmay be hidden with hair dye, illusion magic, or deliberatedisfigurement.

Given their natural be au ty and other usefulattributes, aasimars make extremely valuable slaves, andaasimar children are especially prone to being kidnappedaswell as to being sold into slavery by parents desperatefor cash. In those much-talked-about instances wherean aasimar turns actively evil, it of ten starts with suchunfortunate beginnings, with circumstances weighingdown the aasimar until she cracks under the strain.

Most aasimar children, however, deal with more com monplace troubles. Some parents and teachers showan aasimar child obvious favoritism, c au sing unrest inthe ranks of the "normal" children.

Others expect anaasimar to be naturally talented at everything and bringwealth and fame to the family name, and grow frustratedwhen the aasimar doesn't perform to their wishes. Someadults are themselves jealous of aasimar children'snatural be au ty and way with people, and thus force themto work far harder to win recognition and love bec au se of their "unfair advantage.

Aasimars are inherentlyappealing and valuable for a variety of reasons, and thuseven when cast out by one social group, they tend toquickly fall in with another. If other children are jealous. If their family casts them out onthe street due to fear and prejudice, their natural charmmay make them invaluable to a local gang of urchins. Though the com munity aasimars find may not always besomething their celestial progenitors would approve of ,aasimars are nevertheless rarely alone for long.

AdolescencePuberty is a time of great change in an aasimar's life. While some aasimars evidence all their abilities from thebeginning, many develop their heightened charisma andinnate wisdom at this point, along with the host of otherchanges such a time brings. As their adult bodies develop,their uncanny good looks develop as well, of ten bringingthe aasimar significantly more attention-both for goodand ill. This may be when an aasimar gains controlover her spell-like ability, that magic having previouslymanifested itself as uncontrollable surges of light duringtimes of great emotion, or she may accidentally discoverher resistance to acid, cold, and electricity.

She may havevivid dreams full of a musical language, then wake todiscover she now understands Celestial. If they haven'talready, some more permanent physical changes canappear-hair taking on a metallic sheen, eyes be com ingfaceted like jewels, downy feathers sprouting in places,and more.

As most aasimars grow up the only ones of their kind in their experience, they of ten have no ideahow to handle these changes, and family members maybe helpless and unable to provide advice. Other children, undergoing their own struggles withpuberty, of ten react to these further manifestations withjealousy and fear. Parents may keep their own children awayout of a similar fear and jealousy, or even from religiousawe and respect for someone so obviously "touched by theangels.

Somemay step up efforts to hide the child's differences to try togive her an easier life. Whatever the case, the message mostadolescent aasimars receive is that, whether good or bad,they are certainly different and strange.

At a time when most youngsters struggle with questions of self-identity and try to find their place in the world, anaasimar must ask more difficult questions: "Why was Iblessed? Most aasimars have no aasimar siblings, and it's rare fora town or village to have more than one aasimar in it.

An aasimar child in a larger city might have better luckfinding an older aasimar to guide her, but not always. Some aasimars see it as their duty to help those similarlyblessed, while others would do anything to forget abouttheir own adolescence. Adolescents use this time in their lives to sort themselvesinto the roles they expect to carry on in adult society.

Anyonewho seems different or strange can be seen as a threat,and otherwise good-hearted children turn nasty andcruel when they feel threatened.

Aasimars of ten find theirbe au ty to be a curse as their peers simultaneously ostracizethem and lust over them. It's com mon for aasimars in thisstage to be withdrawn and lonely, and to find themselvesangry with all the "ordinary" children who don't have todeal with the com plex issues an aasimar faces. An aasimarteenager might rebel against expectations, deliberatelyacting out, fighting with other children, or running awayfrom home.

Another com mon response is for anaasimar to develop an obsession with uncoveringher heritage, and she may feel that her. Aasimars who have had particularly difficult childhoods of ten have an even worse time in their adolescent years,and may undergo dramatic mental and physical changesthat make them even more vulnerable to corruption andexploitation.

Aasimars who develop evil personalitiesusually pledge themselves to their twisted path duringadolescence. Not all aasimars who undergo a troublesomechildhood and adolescence be com e evil, though-manyuse their unfortunate pasts as impetus to create positivechange in the world.

They promise themselves they willrise above their difficulties and be com e an inspirationalforce-and of ten succeed.

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PZO Blood of Angels. My mother asked her for a lock of hair once, to help my sisterget over the croup, but she wouldn't give it. You' d think someone with aface like an angel's wouldn't mind losing a few strands of hair. And theway all the boys follow her around-no good can com e of it, 1 tell you. No good at all. They bear the blood of the celestials intheir veins, biological pro of of their forbears' worth andrighteousness, and the glow of that association is toobright to be contained despite generations of dilution, of ten expressing itself in undeniable ways.

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Embed Size px x x x x Prepare for your adventures to get twice as exciting with Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts and Companions! Double the daring and fun with all-new rules for turning your adventurer into part of a dynamic duo. New options allow you to make the most of your allies, or even make your allies from scratch! From binding outsiders to winning over artist patrons, this volume has cohorts ideal for any character concept.

In this Spheres Apocrypha, we build on everything from the Leadership Sphere to the Conjuration Spheres and even the Warp sphere, giving you new options for making the most of your followers and companions. In this apocrypha you can store your minions in extradimensional spaces, recruit cohorts from the outer planes, improve your ability to use magic through the intermediary of your companions, and more! These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the PDF containing your name and the order number of your purchase. Warning : If any files bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you.

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This article is primarily or only relevant to Pathfinder First Edition. PDF: $ Cohorts and Companions, a Pathfinder Player Companion.

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