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The calculus of communicating systems CCS is a process calculus introduced by Robin Milner around and the title of a book describing the calculus.

Calculus of communicating systems

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Communication and Concurrency ebook download. Communication and Concurrency Milner R. When to use: Distributed Erlang is primarily used for communication Erlang-Erlang. Agent - Go-like concurrency, in Ruby. It can also be used for communication between Erlang and C, if the C program is implemented as a C node, see below. At that point, the entries for the concurrency chapter were so rough, they weren't even in the form of guidelines.

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Calculus of Communicating Systems : a synopsis Mantis

I like petri nets so much. The end goals of both languages are mostly the same, but while CSP aims at being a "powerful" language, CCS strives for simplicity. You can see how both approaches have their pros and cons. CSP feels very large and untidy in comparison.

Models of Computation pp Cite as. In the case of sequential paradigms like IMP and HOFL we have seen that all computations are deterministic and that any two non-terminating programs are equivalent. This is not necessarily the case for concurrent, interacting systems, which can exhibit different observable behaviours while they compute, also along infinite runs.

CCS, the Calculus of Communicating Systems

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Such a theory was propounded by Robin. Milner ten years ago in his Calculus of Communicating Systems. The theory has inspired a school of researchers.