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service quality and customer satisfaction in banking sector pdf

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The purpose of this paper is to understand the moderating role of organizational culture in the relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty in the banking sector using data from the Ghanaian banking sector. The idea is to understand the relative importance of the various service dimensions to customers patronizing banking services in Ghana and to ascertain what drives customer satisfaction and whether this satisfaction has implication on their loyalty. The study used a survey and relied on partial least squares structural equation modeling to study the relationship between service quality and its impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Service Quality Versus Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector: A Literature Review

Nuri Wulandari is an assistant professor in Indonesia Banking School. She earned her degrees from University of Indonesia and Birmingham University. Andi Novianti Maharani is a professional working in banking industry. She has a master degree from Indonesia Banking School. Her interest is researching marketing topic in Islamic Banking related cases.

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Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Banking

This case study sought to investigate the extent to which banks in Zimbabwe attempt to achieve customer satisfaction in order to reduce customer churn and attrition. Customer retention is now an important element of banking strategy in the Zimbabwean competitive environment.. Furthermore, the study explored customer satisfaction determinants. Descriptive survey was used to collect data. Research respondents included bank employees and customers who completed questionnaires and interviews. Furthermore, it was realized that majority of customers are delighted in transacting with institutions like CBZ which provide loans for long —term capital investment in the form of houses construction etc. There is phenomenal rate of customer defection and attrition from commercial banks like Barclays etc which are not providing loans.

As very few studies have investigated banking services from fairness perspective and none of the studies have attempted to measure service fairness in Indian retail banking services context, the paper seeks to investigate service fairness in Indian retail banking services context. It attempts to validate the existing four-dimensional service fairness scale and investigates its applicability in the retail banking industry. The conceptual model depicting the relationship between service fairness, service quality and customer satisfaction was tested using SEM. The results established reliability and validity of the scale and the impact of service fairness on service quality and customer satisfaction. The impact of individual fairness dimensions on these two customer evaluation variables is also studied. The paper discusses important implications of the findings and presents valuable insights for the practitioners as well as academia.

Technology Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Uganda’s Banking Sector

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Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract Service process performance of an organization should be measured continuously to achieve competitive advantage and this is possible through providing excellent service by any organization. The quality of the products or the quality of customer service determines the degree of customer satisfaction.

Service banking is facing several challenges in order to sustain its competitiveness in the long run. In doing so, banks try to promote customer satisfaction especially through service quality. In this situation, interest was aroused to investigate the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction.

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Bank Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Ethiopian Banking Sector

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Service quality and customer satisfaction in the banking sector: A comparative study of conventional and Islamic banks in Pakistan. September.



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Keywords: banking sector, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, service quality​. 1. Introduction. Banks are key players in financial markets operations and play.

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