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difference between addition and condensation polymerization pdf

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The very idea that large polymer molecules can indeed exist was hotly debated during the early part of the 20th century.

Types of condensation polymers include polyamides , polyacetals and polyesters. There are many differences between the two processes.

25.19: Polymerization - Addition Polymers

Polymerization describes the formation of large molecules Polymers with repeating structure from small molecules monomers. There are two types of polymerization reactions, additional and condensation. Additional polymerization is a polymerization in which the growth of polymer chains proceeds by addition reactions between molecules of any size. It involves the linking of monomers with double bonds. The double bond of one monomer breaks and links onto the neighboring monomer. This process continues to form polymers, some of which can be many thousands of monomers long.

Vedantu academic counsellor will be calling you shortly for your Online Counselling session. Related Questions. Write any two differences between addition and condensation polymerization. Answer Verified. Hint: Polymerization is a procedure of reacting monomer atoms together in a chemical reaction to frame polymer chains or three-dimensional networks. For example - polyethylene, nylon, PVC. For example, polythene is formed by the addition polymerization of ethene.

Polymerisation is the process of joining a large number of small molecules to make very large molecules. Monomers are the building blocks of polymers. Based on the nature of the chemical reaction involved in the formation of a polymer, there are two types of polymerisation reactions: addition polymerisation and condensation polymerisation. Addition polymerisation produces addition polymers through the addition of olefinic monomers without the formation of any by-product. In contrast, condensation polymerisation produces condensation polymers through the intermolecular condensation of two different monomers with the formation of small molecules such as HCl, water, ammonia, etc. This is the main difference between addition polymerisation and condensation polymerisation. In addition to this main difference, there are many more differences between these two polymerisation reactions.

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We enjoy the benefits of Styrofoam containers, but don't often think about where they end up. Styrofoam materials do not break down quickly under exposure to the elements. When buried in a landfill, styrofoam will remain intact for a long time. There is no good way to recycle Styrofoam at present, but someday a creative scientist may come up with one. Polymers are very different from the other kinds of organic molecules that you have seen so far.

Additional polymerization is a polymerization in which the growth of polymer chains proceeds by addition reactions between molecules of any size. It involves​.

27.8: Polymers and Polymerization Reactions

An addition polymer is a polymer that forms by simple linking of monomers without the co-generation of other products. Addition polymerization differs from condensation polymerization , which does co-generate a product, usually water. Addition polymers are formed by the addition of some simple monomer units repeatedly. Generally polymers are unsaturated compounds like alkenes, alkalines etc.

This summing distinguishes addition polymerization from condensation polymerization in which small molecules are eliminated as the monomers are assembled in polymers. Interestingly, the addition of water ppm has no effect on the copolymer yield. Coordination polymerization 4. Q1: Addition polymers may be made from many types of monomer.

Difference Between Addition Polymerisation and Condensation Polymerisation

Prior to the early 's, chemists doubted the existence of molecules having molecular weights greater than a few thousand. This limiting view was challenged by Hermann Staudinger , a German chemist with experience in studying natural compounds such as rubber and cellulose. In contrast to the prevailing rationalization of these substances as aggregates of small molecules, Staudinger proposed they were made up of macromolecules composed of 10, or more atoms.

Addition polymer

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Definition: Condensation is a reaction in which two small molecules react together to form a larger molecule, with the elimination of a small molecule such as water.

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