Traditional Country And Electric Slide Guitar Pdf

traditional country and electric slide guitar pdf

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Slide guitar is a technique for playing the guitar that is often used in blues music. It involves playing a guitar while holding a hard object a slide against the strings , creating the opportunity for glissando effects and deep vibratos that reflect characteristics of the human singing voice. It typically involves playing the guitar in the traditional position flat against the body with the use of a slide fitted on one of the guitarist's fingers.

Keith Wyatt – Electric Slide Guitar (Book)

The Fender is a little bit thinner and brighter, a sparkling sound, while the Gibson is just a full-tilt screech. So I eases up close enough to look, and I see what he has on his finger. I like that! Slide guitar is an essential part of the Blues, I had to start with it. More than any other guitar technique it depends on the right feeling. The basics can be learned within a day, but to master it you need a long time.

Arlen Roth - Electric Slide Guitar

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arlen roth - traditional, country and electric slide guitar

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Slide guitar

Is lap steel guitar hard to learn? They are readily available in most hardware stores.

The bar itself is called a "steel" and is the source of the name "steel guitar". The instrument differs from a conventional guitar in that it does not use frets; conceptually, it is somewhat akin to playing a guitar with one finger the bar. Known for its portamento capabilities, gliding smoothly over every pitch between notes, the instrument can produce a sinuous crying sound and deep vibrato emulating the human singing voice. Typically, the strings are plucked not strummed by the fingers of the dominant hand, while the steel tone bar is pressed lightly against the strings and moved by the opposite hand.

Sep 17 The unmistakable gutsy and soulful sound of slide guitar can be a valuable addition for any electric guitarist. He then takes you step by step through all the slide techniques.

Slide Guitar For Beginners

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