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Term: Sampling rate (audio)

Most digital audio systems encode analog — the sound we hear — into digital for storage and transmission using a system called Pulse Code Modulation. Two factors determine the quality of a digital recording: bit depth and sampling frequency. The sampling frequency affects the audio frequency range — from the lowest to highest pitch — able to be stored. So the greater the bit depth, and the higher the sampling frequency, the more information can be stored. These formats have been used in studios and mastering for many years — now they are available for us all to enjoy at home.

In audio production, a sample rate or "sampling rate" defines how many times per second a sound is sampled. Technically speaking, it is the frequency of samples used in a digital recording. The standard sample rate used for audio CDs is That means each second of a song on a CD contains 44, individual samples. When an analog sound, such as a vocal performance, is sampled at a rate of tens of thousands of times per second, the digital recording may be nearly indistinguishable from the original analog sound.

Sample Rate

Digital audio is always sampled, which means that any digital audio file is created with a fixed sample rate and resolution. Red Book Audio CD 's sample rate is Audio on DVDs is sampled at 96kHz bit resolution. Resampling or Sample Rate Conversion is required when one wants to convert a digital audio file i. Upsampling aka interpolation is the process of converting from a lower to higher sample rate e.

Sample rate and bit depth are two values that you've likely noticed within your digital audio workstation's export settings. Sample rate refers to the number of samples an audio file carries per second, while bit depth dictates the amplitude resolution of audio files. The one question I'm asked all the time is, "Which sample rate and bit depth settings should I use when exporting my track? Sample rate refers to the number of samples tiny slices of audio information that are present within one second of digital audio. Let's assume you're recording a one-second guitar clip.

But no worries: We're just going to discuss sample rate and bit depth at a basic interfaces become more prevalent, this definition is likely to quickly change.

Sample Rate & Bit Depth Explained

In digital audio using pulse-code modulation PCM , bit depth is the number of bits of information in each sample , and it directly corresponds to the resolution of each sample. In basic implementations, variations in bit depth primarily affect the noise level from quantization error —thus the signal-to-noise ratio SNR and dynamic range. However, techniques such as dithering , noise shaping and oversampling mitigate these effects without changing the bit depth. Bit depth also affects bit rate and file size.

As a result of this testing, we have implemented a number of low-level improvements to the audio engine. We have also written this fact sheet to help users understand exactly how their audio is or is not being modified when using certain features in Live that are often misunderstood, as well as tips for achieving the highest quality results. As mentioned above, the focus of our research has been on objective that is, quantifiable and measurable behavior. Furthermore, this paper makes no claims about how Live compares to other audio software. Rather, it is a summary of measurable facts about what Live actually does under various conditions.

These files can be large and difficult to work with. An easy solution is to create a smaller, working-version of the file, remembering to retain your high quality file for archiving. Load your audio file in Audacity. Note the areas where you can see sampling rate information.

How to Find the Sample Rate and Bit Depth of an Audio File

How do you find out the sample rate again?

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For example, if each measurement were represented on a scale from , that would be a rougher measurement than a scale from Sample size is measured in bits. Eight-bit numbers range from ; bit numbers range from ,; and bit numbers range from ,,

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Audio bit depth

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Term: Sampling rate (audio)


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Sample rate and bit depth are two values that you've likely noticed within your digital audio workstation's export settings.

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How are sampling rate, bit depth, and resolution related to sampling and Sampling. The sound wave is sampled at a specific rate into discrete samples of.