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ngos and human rights promise and performance pdf

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Human Rights pp Cite as. The comparative study of human rights is a relatively recent academic undertaking. Scholarly efforts in this area have focused on three major research questions.

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Comparative Human Rights: Promise and Practice

Wolfgang S. Heinz, Scott Calnan. While international human rights treaties define obligations of states and subjective rights of people living under their jurisdiction, and beyond extraterritorial obligations of human rights treaties , it has become increasingly evident that civil society activities are crucial to helping establish a strong effective human rights system in any given country. NGOs collect critical information, advise victims how to complain, complain themselves publicly about weaknesses of state agencies, and even support legal cases before national, regional, and international expert committees and courts. In a national context, this can lead to political tension with the government in power and state agencies, because human rights issues are sometimes perceived as political or politicized by those in power. In addition questions of accountability, financing, and the internal democracy of NGOs may be critically raised — sometimes to distract from the human rights criticisms initially raised by the NGOs concerned.

Makau W. Mutua

The proliferation of nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs, is one of the most striking features of contemporary international politics. While states remain the major protectors—and abusers—of human rights, NGOs such as Amnesty International have emerged as central players in the promotion of human rights around the world. As advocacy organizations, human rights NGOs work with or against governments in developing agendas for action. Through treaty negotiations with governments, they seek to establish international standards for state behavior. To mobilize public opinion, they investigate and report human rights abuses and offer direct assistance to victims of those abuses. (accessed Welch, ed., NGOs and Human Rights: Promise and Performance (University of.

Comparative Human Rights: Promise and Practice

The measurement challenge in human rights. Up until recently, the human rights movement has been reluctant to engage on the topic of measurement, highlighting the difficulties involved and resisting pressure from donors to comply with impact assessment standards developed in other fields. This paper argues that measurement techniques are, indeed, very problem specific and that they must be linked to a refined understanding of the mechanics of a problem. Given the need for progress on the pressing issues of human rights, it is all the more important that civil society organizations move out of their defensive position regarding measurement and begin developing models for the two large measurement challenges: 1 how do we size the problem and understand how it is developing over time? This paper outlines how Civil Society Organizations can increase their effectiveness by using measurement and data to gain a clearer idea of what problem they are trying to solve, a better idea of how to mark their progress in striving toward that goal, and an understanding of what place their efforts have in a broader context of civil society problem-solvers.

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Comparative Human Rights: Promise and Practice

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The Role of Human Rights NGO's: Human Rights Defenders or State Sovereignty Destroyers?

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Realization of Human Rights and Role of NGO

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NGOs and Human Rights Promise and Performance. Edited by Claude E. Welch, Jr. pages | 7 x Cloth | ISBN | $s | Outside.

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