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Published: 11.05.2021

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the extent to which the practices of small and medium building contractors SMBCs conform to lean construction LC principles.

Recurring problems in the delivery of construction projects have been time and cost overruns, poor quality, poor health and safety, waste and loss of value. This situation is worsened by the reluctance of construction organisations to fully implement lean construction technique which has proved to be an innovative solution to these problems. A well-structure questionnaire distributed by hand and electronically using the snowball sampling technique were used to gather data from the participants from both the private and public organisations.

Lean Construction Technique: Why it Matters

Lean construction is a combination of operational research and practical development in design and construction with an adaption of lean manufacturing principles and practices to the end-to-end design and construction process. Unlike manufacturing, construction is a project-based production process. Lean Construction is concerned with the alignment and holistic pursuit of concurrent and continuous improvements in all dimensions of the built and natural environment: design, construction, activation, maintenance, salvaging, and recycling Abdelhamid , Abdelhamid et al. This approach tries to manage and improve construction processes with minimum cost and maximum value by considering customer needs Koskela et al. Lauri Koskela, in , challenged the construction management community to consider the inadequacies of the time-cost-quality tradeoff paradigm.

Impact assessment of lean construction tools and techniques in residential project

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Lean production not only successfully challenged the accepted mass production practices in the automotive industry, significantly shifting the trade-off between productivity and quality, but it also led to a rethinking of a wide range of manufacturing and service operations beyond the high-volume repetitive manufacturing environment. Holweg, Toyota production system was initially introduced by Japan after World War II when Japan required producing small batches of cars in many varieties in contrary to the Ford principle of mass production same cars with large production runs Conte Toyota concluded that the principle of mass Production is not efficient anymore, especially, after the collapse in sales that Toyota encountered and led to releasing large part of their workforce. This research work is regarding the problems facing by the construction industry in Gujarat, where India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. The purpose of this research is to increase the productivity in construction projects by using LEAN tools also improve time, cost, quality and safety in construction by the using of LEAN tools and after that determine performance at construction site after and before the use of LEAN tools. This research shows Implementation in construction activity by using Appropriate LEAN tools also increase productivity and quality of construction.

Several powerful lean production techniques and tools have been Keywords. Lean Construction, Lean Tools, Construction Project, Lean Production, Applicability Publications. engineersoftulsa.org

An Introduction to Lean Construction

The purpose of this paper is to explore the applicability of lean construction LC concepts and tools in necessary, but non-value-added activities NVAA in small and medium-sized enterprises SME. The application of the lean tools in this way facilitates the flow of information and handling material, improving productivity, quality and performance. Finally, practical results motivate a discussion on the real potential of LC principles and on the challenges related to its implementation. The methodology makes use of direct involvement in the environment under study.

Lean construction LC is a method of production aimed at reducing costs, materials, time and effort. Essentially, the methodology is to minimize the bad and maximize the good. Using the principles of lean-construction, the desired outcome would be to maximize the value and output of a project while minimizing wasteful aspects and time delay. This outcome is produced when standard construction approaches are merged with a clear and concise understanding of project materials and information and two sets of management archetypes, planning and control.

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The practical relationship between continuous flow and lean construction in SMEs

Lean construction as a panacea for poor construction projects performance

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implementing the lean construction techniques using LPS as. a new tool for minimizing the risk effects on time of construc-. tion projects.




Lean work structuring is process design integrated with product design and extends in scope from an entire production system down to the operations performed.

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Lean tools got their start in America as early as the s, when Henry Ford used Lean methodology to create the Model T assembly line.